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    I never really noticed until my last couple of bills but I now get charged for all my apps as normal and then get charged a further 20% of the total bill in tax : (

    Never use to have that, is that new in the UK?

    Edit: searched it after posting and it seems so, which sucks. 20% on app purchases is bs rubbish getting taxed when you get paid it and then when you spend it too....suppose I'll have to make up for it by getting more free prescriptions
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    Never seen such a pathetic tax in my life. I can't stand that tax. Why not make a 22.54 gift card instead of $15
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    Jan 25, 2011
    If you're in the UK then the tax was covered by the increase in App Store prices in the UK that happened sometime earlier this year. I've never had any extra tax charged on top of that for the apps I've bought.
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    Aug 27, 2011
    The price shown is VAT inclusive, so if you paid £2.29 for Horizon Chase you get charged £2.29, which includes £0.38 (ie £2.29/120x20) of VAT - meaning Apples net sale is £1.91 as the £0.38 goes to HMRC. On your bill/invoice it just shows the amount of VAT that's included within the cost.
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    In the US, I got hit with sales tax when I moved to Illinois .
  6. Anonomation

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    I having a having just a little money left on a gift card and then I can't buy anything because I'm 2 cents under.

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