iTunes App Updates and the (NON-)corresponding version numbers...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by BrettArchibald, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Just what the heck's the story with the App Store, in particular, their details of app version numbers for updates in the "My App Updates" section — ie: the screen of apps you get when you're in your Application sections in your "local" iTunes, browsing apps you already own and have downloaded and then hit the "Check for updates" button in the lower right to go online.

    When I checked for updates this morning, I saw the following screen, with 6 updates available, and the corresponding version numbers for those updated apps — or so I am led to believe...


    The reason I say "so I believe" is because when I click on each one of those available apps to see more details, I see the following (all 6 separate screens cut and pasted into one graphic here for simplicity)...


    Every single one of those apps has version numbers that differ across the 2 screens — summary-screen and details-screen — except for one, highlighted in green.

    OK, so if it is just "yet another App Store glitch" that has yet to be ironed out, how come it's happening across 5 out of 6 apps, rather than all of them or none of them?
    Meh, that's a rhetorical question really, as who knows what the answer to that is...

    More importantly though, and the part I'm particularly concerned with, is the section for each updated app that is headed "What's New In This Version". For those details, listing the updated features, I really don't know if I'm reading the improvements and fixes to the version number that's mentioned on the summary-screen or the version number that's mentioned on the details-screen...???

    To put it another way, is the glitch just a teeny tiny "mis-print" on the version number that's shown, or is the whole details-page incorrect and out of sync, showing details for the older version-number that's shown...???

    If it's the latter, then that's quite a big issue really!
    I really would like to know what I am downloading...
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    It just taks a while to update

    It annoys me A LOT since I would like to see what is being updated before I download it---which is why I will typically update from my device instead.

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