It's Full of Sparks

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Hi all!
    We are working on a game called "It's Full of Sparks". It's a frantic platformer about a happy firecracker that realizes that soon or later will explode because, you know, it's a firecracker... and that's what's firecrackers do...

    The player must run, jump, dodge and activate mechanisms to surmount different obstacles before time runs out. Time to complete each level is determined by the fuse of a firecracker. If it explodes it dies, and it never returns, so you have to try again with another firecracker, with another life. By the use of three coloured filters the blockages appear and disappear. And with just a finger tap the player can complete a lot of diverse actions.


    So, we are so buried in development that we have lost any objectivity about the difficulty of the game. We want it to be difficult, but we don't want to bring frustration to people's life.

    Want to help us?, you can subscribe to our mailing list to test the game and let us know if is too hard...
    We are developing new levels, so your feedback would be very useful to us!

    We plan to have the beta ready next November 16th but you can subscribe now here:


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