IT'S ALIVE! - Monster Building Card Game now on Android

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    [​IMG] says: "A great, well developed app. The gameplay is solid and AI players offer a challenge. 3 out of 4 Stars"

    Yehuda Berlinger's monster-building card game comes to life on Android! Play mad scientist and collect all eight body parts to complete your monster. Each turn, a corpse is dug up from the graveyard. You can buy the part, sell it for a profit, or offer it for auction. You might be lucky enough to unearth a coffin, which can be used in place of any body part. But after a while, you're sure to provoke a villager uprising!

    • Supports up to 5 Players
    • Unique AI (Computer) Players
    • Pass and Play on a Single Device
    • Save and Resume Single and Multiplayer Games at Any Time
    • Local Leaderboard / Statistics
    • Random Starting Player option
    • Symphonic Musical Score
    • Illustrated In-Game Rules Manual and Tutorial
    • Official Adaptation of Yehuda Berlinger's Monster-Building Game
    • Featuring Original Illustrations by RH Aidley
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    I have had this for a while on the iPad, very fun game.

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