iTrack - effective way to track your kith movement

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    This app not only track the location of your own phone like other "phone trackers". This is actually a REAL phone tracking application that allows you to follow the movements of other iPhone/iPod/iPad users during last 48 hours.

    iTrack monitors your location and share it to other iPhones which were paired with your device. So you always will see the trajectory of movements of the devices which were paired with your iPhone and they will see your movements.

    To follow another person, they must use the "iTrack" app and the pairing process should be done.

    iTrack is unique app that opens up effective possibility to track your kith movement!

    From now you will always know where are now and where was today your child, wife, parents or kith!

    iTrack is absolutely incredible way to stay tuned watching the trajectory of your child or wife movement.

    Your child are not allowed to walk in some area and you think he can disobey? - Now you will see how obedient he is and from now you will have the proof only by running iTrack on your and your child's devices.

    You suspect your wife's betrayal? - From now you have an effective instrument to know the truth!

    Just pair your and wife's devices in the iTrack and permanently stay tuned.

    iTrack opens up possibility always to control situation, and if you're in another country you can track trajectory of paired device movement.

    This app uses unique coding algorithms to generate secret codes for pairing devices, all the codes are unique and only you and those paired with your device will see your and their trajectories of movement.

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    iTrack - effective way to track your kith movement

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