It Seems Most Users are from Japanese Market?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by vinapen, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. It’s been like this since iStone Travel Translation App released, users from Japan took the majority.
    See the list of some day:


    How’s this happened? Has it happened to anyone of you?
  2. It's probably because your software is a translation app, so people that either appreciate foreign languages or travel alot would download it. Japanese people are very well educated, have large per capita incomes, have a great appreciation of foreign cultures, and love to travel.

    The US on the otherhand is geographically isolated, very English only based, and most citizens rarely travel to a foreign country.

    Interesting to see Thailand number two ahead of the US and England though. Maybe they want apps there to deal with the large number of tourists going to Bangkok.
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    Me too sometimes thinks the same way that there are more and more users diverting from the Japanese sites... well no doubt about that the game lovers and the extreme game players from all around the world are increasing day by day.....
  4. Of course the game lovers are increasing, so are the developers:D
  5. Does anyone know how popular the iphone and ipad are in Japan? Ten years ago, Japan had some of the most advanced cell phones in the world, but nowadays, I don't think that is true anymore. Anyone from Japan, can you tell us about the cell phone and tablet market in Japan?

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