iStone Travel Translation App, Designed by a Travel Lover

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  1. Grand Palace, Pattaya Beach, Phi Phi Island, there are so many beauty spots in Thailand. Eating pineapple rice, watching lady boy’s performance, diving on the beautiful islands, many amazing experiences are waiting for us! Many of us travel to Thailand and get back with no regrets. However, there might be regrets if you don’t know Thai.

    Some of people complained:”Thai’s English is poor, I couldn’t communicate with them at all and the Tuk Tuk took me to the wrong place.”

    Therefore we need to do some” homework” before going: put down the names of the places and other things on a paper with both the mother language and Thai, and print it. When going to a place, just show the driver the paper. This may not enough, so learn some simple phrases in Thai, or at least take iStone Travel Translation App. It’s voiced with having more than 300 daily phrases, involving all the aspects of travel. Languages include English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Thai.

    iStone Travel Translation App’s designer Emily is a travel lover. She traveled alone when she was a girl, travels with family when she is a mom. After years of traveling, she found it’s not that comfortable when she and her family traveled abroad, because there are many kinds of languages they don’t know. As an Apple fan, the idea of developing an app to help formed in her mind. Although this idea came out early, iStone Travel Translation App came out not so early, Emily had to wait for the technology and the chance. Whatever, here’s the app.

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