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    iStone Travel Translation App is designed and produced by iStone App, whose main business is electronic publishing. Combining the advantages of iOS and iStone App, the smart app formed.

    iStone Travel Translation App sets a new standard for instant multi-language translation application. It includes more than 20 categories of perfectly pronounced phrases. Categories organized into Greetings, Ask Directions, Dining, Shopping, etc. so that you can instantly find the phrase needed. Ease of use, it is a good assistant for traveling and language learning.
    Phrasebook of more than 300 daily phrases, involves all the aspects of travel.
    Pocket talking book with pure native pronunciation.
    Humanized page design, you quickly find what you need.
    Add new phrases and recordings by adding function.
    Offline use, no Wi-Fi or data connection required.

    English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Thai.

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