iSpherical - Wizard's Journey - Fun Arcade Jump & Run

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    Hi there,

    the iPhone version of iSpherical - A Wizard's Journey is ready to be released ( the iPad version is out for a while ). I hope it will pass the Apple Review Team next week.

    iSpherical is a classic Jump and Run / Platform game heavily inspired by the Arcade machine Solomon's Key.

    It includes:
    • 7 Worlds with 12 Levels each ( difficulty from 'easy going' to 'insane' )
    • bonus levels, hidden items, nasty enemies, great extras, puzzles to solve
    • a lot of classic game elements: keys/doors, portals, one way walls to name a few...
    • configurable controls
    • controller support
    • GameCenter

    Here are some screenshots:




    The video is a bit choppy - it is recoded from the emulator. iSpherical runs absolutely smooth.

    Visit for more information.

    Have fun
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    Jan 13, 2011
    Looks great, Solomons Key was an excellent game. Looking forward to getting this when its out

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