iPad iShisen: From Apple IIgs to iPhone

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    Retro computing fans may find this interesting:

    Kelvin Sherlock created a version the game Shisen Sho for the Apple IIgs called GShisen.
    "My take on Shisen Sho aka Four Rivers. A deceptively simple tile-matching game; remove all 32 tiles as quickly as possible. The limited colors, resolution, and tile size meant that doing the tile artwork was one of the hardest parts of this game. It was written in a combination of C and 65816 assembly for some speed-critical parts."​
    He recently developed an iPhone version of this game, iShisen, and released it in the App Store [link].

    I haven't yet spent any time with this game, but it's interesting to look at the graphical overhaul it has received. :) Of course, the iPhone is a little more powerful than the circa 1986 Apple IIgs.

    [ Thanks for pointing me at this, Ken Gagne ]


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    FYI, there is very nicer looking variant of this game available called Kyodai and that version is free. Also it adds some nice new touches: chain bonuses for finding the next match quickly, and the boards are shuffled if you run out of moves, up to a certain number of times ("lives"). I particularly like that latter bit. Mind you, I'm not really that enthralled with the game either way as I don't find the original (or Kyodai) all that great of a game concept, but the free version is very nicely done and it's... free.

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