iPad iSamurai on WHAT'S HOT, 1st update on iTunes

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    Hi all,

    iSamurai is on the iTunes Games WHAT'S HOT list.
    So thank you to everyone who bought it or downloaded the Lite version. Also we very much appreciate the feedback that we are getting via the in-game email system. By actual count, it is 91% very positive.

    We are also getting excellent suggestions for improving iSamurai. For example, we did a demo outside Apple's WWDC and a lady from Europe saw our demo, bought iSamurai and sent us a number of suggestions such as adding avatars that opponents could see and recording scores and ranks.

    Our first free update is now on iTunes
    We have adjusted the difficulty level of the single-player opponents and we added animations for the blocking moves. (The Samurai is still too hard, but we are working on adding 2 extra levels per character for the next upgrade.)

    We had our first tournament
    Last Friday, we had a mini-tournament outside the Apple store in Santa Monica where people were lined up to get the new iPhones. I am looking for ideas for future tournaments.


    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

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