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    "You can play a round of Jason Rohrer's ​Cordial Minuet​ for any amount between a penny and $999,999,999.99. Whatever the bet, win or lose, Rohrer is taking a 10 percent cut of the pot.

    It's a surprisingly unapologetic "free-to-play" monetization model for an indie game developer, especially Rohrer, who's probably still best known for Passage, a small, touching, pixelated game about aging. My favorite game of his is 2011's Inside a Star-Filled Sky, which beautifully expresses the maddening concept of infinity in the form of a recursive twin-stick shooter.

    When we have inane discussions about games as art, Rohrer's games are an argument for the medium's potential. When we talk about game developer auteurs, we're talking about Rohrer.

    And now he has his mind set on running what has the appearance of a seedy online poker room. On its face, it seems like the antithesis of games as art, perhaps the only type of game greedier than the microtransaction-riddled free-to-play, pay-to-continue-playing Clash of Clans and Candy Crushes that infest the mobile app stores..."

    Rohrer has released a couple of games on iOS before - most notably the amazing game Passage. Of course, this would never get through Apple.

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