Is Mass Effect: Infiltrator worth even 99 cents?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Greyskull, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I remember that people were deeply disappointed with this game when it was released. More important, though, is the file size. A game that I spend a buck on that never makes it onto my device is a wasted buck, regardless what some may think the game should be worth.

    I understand it's a cover based shooter. Does it provide 1/13th of my storage storage space worth of enjoyment? I mean, Epoch is much smaller, has superb graphics, and is also cover-based. I understand it's not Dead Space, but that was an EA game I didn't mind hogging my hard drive with. It's still on sale; that's why I ask.

    I've completed much less than the 1400 games Gamecenter says I have, or the 500 (which is way off) that openfeint lists, that's for sure. And I've got about as many which have never even been installed because...let's face it, I'm crazy.
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    For a buck? Hell, I bought it when it was $7, and I'm normally the guy who is a huge critic. I loved this game. Though the voice acting is godawful (the player character's voice actor is the same guy who voiced JC Denton of Deus Ex fame), the gameplay is excellent, and the upgrades are well done. The integration with Mass Effect 3 is rather weak, but it's not why you'd buy the game.

    While the campaign progresses like any other game, it's divided by combat segments, which are graded after completion. You can revisit these parts of the game (or just play the game normally) to improve your ranking (1-3 stars). This gives the game a bit of an Angry Birds "I must get 3 stars!" aesthetic.

    You'll like it. For a buck, there's no risk.
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    Yup, agreed. Bought it day 1, but was one of those who criticized the first control scheme. When they updated with the new controls, it became one pf the best cover shooters for me.
  4. ramon31

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    Sep 4, 2011
    Does it gamecenter or origin?
  5. klarence

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    Oct 22, 2011
    yes,good game.
    nowdays there are too many good games and not enough time.
    Good age indeed, good age for gamer,we can enjoy our gaming life at a low price, no matter console or IOS.

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