Is it unfair when iOS asks players to rate just-deleted apps?

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    When you delete an app on the iPad, you are asked to give it a rating. Isn't that a bit odd? If you delete something, you're much more likely than usual to give it a bad rating. We might say "it's still fair because every app gets the same treatment, so it won't skew your app ratings in relation to other apps", but some observations:

    - Does it disfavor iPad apps? I didn't see such a request on my iPhone/ iOS4 when I deleted something...
    - Does it disfavor apps which are good but simply not for everyone, or for every use case? Perhaps I download something then realize, I wanted it to do something else, but the app is still cool in its own right.
    - Does it disfavor free apps, because people are more likely to give those a quick try then quickly delete them again?

    To make it more fair, perhaps Apple should:
    - also ask people to give a game a rating if the person has been found playing the game a lot. This might give more 5 star ratings.
    - add the choice for the user who deleted something to choose "just wasn't for me" instead of giving a bad rating
    - simply remove this rating-upon-deletion dialog? Then people who didn't like an app would be required to go through the same obstacle -- looking for the app store review page -- as people who did like it.

    Would love to hear your feedback!
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    It is very unfair

    That's why they removed the rate on delete prompt when they went to iOS4.

    Once 4.2 is available for iPad it won't be an issue anymore
  3. MeteorFlare

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    Sep 19, 2010
    it's removed in the iOS 4.2 beta editions! =]
  4. Philipp

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    Glad to hear, thanks guys!
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    Dec 21, 2008
    If you think about it about 99% of the time people delete apps because they dislike them. = low rating.

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