Is it a Brick?

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    As an avid Jailbreaker since the 1.1.4/ installer days, I know how difficult it is to "brick" a device....

    Now some will say that it's urban legend that bricking is even possible so heres a situation for you maybe you can help maybe not.

    I had and still have this 1st gen iphone that was JB'ed (i believe 2.2.1 was the last firmware it was on) broken by pwnagetool mac. after a lot of 3rd party installs and uninstalls, video backrounds and other useless clutter I noticed strange behavior after taking a lot of pics with snapature (a 3rd party camera app) I had over 100 photos on the device after this party and a few days later I took one pic and the load spinner indicating the pictures import to photos never finished its run. at that point I was froze from every kind of back out except hard reset. So I turn the phone on and I just have apple logo for hours....something is wrong and I get to a mac, alothough it takes a few tries to bring the phone about. I had to plug it in a few times before I could get Itunes to "talk" to the phone...I even had to open my web browser to jog the process. So after getting my phone icon I restored and of course rebroke....after restoring all of my junk apps again I notice more strange behavior just like stated above so I figured theres just way too much crap on my slowly processing 1st gen. I decided to wait for better optimization within the apps I was using beasue a lot of these were UI apps still in beta form and not as disruptive as the apps today. At this point my phone was frequently respringing itself and and not allowing me access to my icons.....but I also had poof, with custom Icon, and catogories, coner icon dock and video thats alot of piled junk so I gues I could understand, but when I went to restore, just before I plugged in I got a never ending respring and did a hard reset only to never bring the phone past the never ending loading apple.

    after research and both dfu modes, a new sim card (because I 'm trying to get it working for my GF) The only thing I can get to (Now on windows) is an error 23 message in normal dfu and a error 1602 in black screen dfu.

    the phone only stays in a state of emergency contact mode which can't even dial out...The sim stays "searching" and the information numbers are "unknown" now every now and then I will hit the home button like ten times while holding the sleep button...just a whole bunch of confusing gestures, and the phone will bring me to the home screen but I cant launch the apps.

    So naturally the previouse firmware is seriousley corrupt right? and worse is that the part that is corrupt also happens to be the part that my phone, sim and itunes conversate on.

    So after trying each restore/jailbreak and unlock (sim maybe) from each firmware pre 3.0 because I had since gotten a 3g after this problem. I stilll get these communication errors 23 and 1602

    Yes google and everything...really everything usb ports, admin privlages, sshing and terminals, old itunes versions. everything except a mac (getting back soon) with the new sim from at&t.

    So while I belive you can't brick a Idevice this is just as useful as. I'm planning on going to an apple store but it's not very close so I'm trying to find any in home solution, and I've read only one or two instances of getting past this by restoring with the firmware its on, but I tried that.

    So is it a brick? I wouldn't say but it's not worth much more in it's current state.

    Any suggestions, perhaps apple can bring it back to life it doesnt have any idntifiable jailbroken characteristics..well when I saw the home screen it didn't.

    Note: It is *almost impossible to brick your device...but heed, if you go piling a whole mess of useless junk apps and UI apps you might expeireence some glitches. Just read what your getting and remember to ask yourself if your really gonna use this.

    I just stick with sbsettings and 5 icon dock and I'm fine. So I've grown a little wiser whne it comes to JB'ing. :)
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    Apple cannot repair your iPhone. They can only let you exhange it for a fee. Your better off just unjailbreaking it and don't hack your iPhone 3G. Also try a hard restore.
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    Ah... good to know.

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