Universal iQuadris (by Kidga Games)

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    I’m proud to introduce iQuadris game on the iOs platform. In the beginning it was made for android (under the name Quadris) but now its available on iOs as well. By the way, more then a million people downloaded Quadris on Android platform. I think it may have some weight to try it.)

    Game rules are pretty simple:

    - Draw current figure on the field.
    - Clear rows to make new rows and get as much score as you can.

    Yes, rules are simple but the game is not. iQuadris is pure logic game. There is no need to get in hurry, but a plenty of time to think over the next turn. iQuadris is a challenge to your skills in strategic thinking. More thinking more playing. More playing more thinking and so on. if you want to advance in your score and to compete with players over the world then be advised: think strongly, use hold zone on your side, make combos.

    Advanced features:
    - Use Hold Zone to hold current figure.
    - Remove rows consequently to get Combos.
    - Use Bonuses to have last chance (paid version only).

    - No Advert (paid version only).


    At last, the links

    Free version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iquadris-free/id710501073?mt=8

    Paid version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iquadris/id698065806?mt=8

    Available on Iphones and Ipads.

    Thank you and Enjoy!

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