iPad iPhone/iPad Game Proceeds for Aurora Theater Shooting Victim

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    Caleb Medley is a young up and coming stand-up comedian who was severely injured in the Aurora theater shooting. He lost an eye, has possible brain damage and is in a medically induced coma. He is also a new father as his wife Katie gave birth to their first son Hugo 4 days after the shooting. Their medical bills may run into the millions and they need help.

    As well as being a fellow Denver stand-up comic, I am also an iPhone game developer. I would like to donate all proceeds of my games and apps between July 20th and Aug 20th to Caleb, Katie and Hugo Medley. This could be as low as $500-1,000 to as high as many thousands if we can spread the word and get the world of millions of iOS users to spend $.99 for a young family in need.

    Here are links to the apps:

    Pocket Passer QB:

    Pocket Passer QB Free: (Ad revenue)

    Ice Cream Man!: (I'm not going to argue its a great app if you are over age 4, but it's a dollar to a good cause).

    If you are able to donate additional funds, please go here:

    Thanks for your time and generosity,
    Damian Griffin
    Big Toe Productions


    [app=pocket passer qb free] POCKET PASSER QB FREE[/app]

    [app=Ice Cream Man!] Ice Cream Man![/app]
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    I regret spending all my itunes cash now... Well, I downloaded the free version, I hope that helps some.
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    Anything helps. Thanks for the support.

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