iPhone games that desperately need iPad versions?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by powersurge, Sep 23, 2010.

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    It sort of feels like some iPhone developers have completely forgotten the iPad and I thought maybe we should have a thread listing our favorite iPhone games that due to playability issues could really use an iPad version of the game. (Be it Universal or new version)

    My own personal list would have to include:

    World of Warcraft Mobile Armory App isn't exactly a game but it could really look a lot better on the iPad.

    Chuck Norris Bring on the Pain is really hard to play on the iPad due to the stick being too far toward the center of the screen in 2x mode. Still a guilty pleasure for me :p

    Hook Champ and Super Quick Hook are both two of the best games to be found on the iPhone/iPod but could use some control changes to be more playable on the iPad's larger screen.

    Zenonia 1 and 2 both have that great Link to the Past look but the D pad is too far to the center of the screen and a bit too large in 2x mode.

    Solomon's Keep and Boneyard are both fun games and the wizards remind me of the 2d Final Fantasy wizards but again the control pads are too large and too much in the center of the screen in 2x mode.

    Also while I haven't played it Pizza Boy looks like it would be a really fun platformer but sadly looks like it would be difficult to play on the iPad due to the buttons being pretty large and spread out in the screen shots. This would probably also apply to a lot of other virtual button style games that lack iPad editions.

    One idea I don't believe I've seen done on the app store yet is possibly bundling some of these games and their sequels? For example Solomon's Keep and Boneyard could be bundled into a single iPad app. I'm not a developer but its just another idea if just providing a Universal update isn't providing enough income.
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    I have played only Hook Champ lite and didn't like much but I don't see where is the problem with the controls.

    I agree that many pad don't feel good on ipad doubled but there's worse it's games with no custom controls and with some buttons in bottom right ie very close to the double screen button.

    In fact very few game setup the screen differently to put it elsewhere and that's good for any iphone game. But the truth is it's Apple that made a very bad design and should give an option to choose where is this button.

    Games with fast or large swipe also often don't work so well on ipad doubled because they involve double speed or double length for the finger, if the swipe speed or length is a key element.

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