iPhone 2G speaker volume going down?

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    Hi all,

    This is a question for iPhone 2G (1st gen) users:

    Have you noticed the sound volume getting weaker?
    Whether its the ringtone sound, listening to callers via the earpiece or speakerphone, the sound volume sounds alot quieter than before. I'm now struggling to hear people on the phone, but if I plug in the headphones, its ok?

    I've already set the Settings > Sound to maximum, and checked with the side volume buttons that it's maxed out, but still sounds weak.

    Hope it's not just me becoming deaf..... and if others can confirm that its not just me, then I might have a case for persuading my wife that I need an upgrade :p


    Found out the solution from the Apple Support forums:

    I think the problem lies in that iPhone is stuck at the 50% level of when earphones were plugged in, and doesn't adjust correctly when its removed.

    Plug in the earphones and make a phonecall. While calling, change the volume up to max. End call. Remove the earphones and then try to max the volume again.

    To me, it now feels like it's slightly louder, both in listening to voicemail (via earpiece and speakerphone) and listening to iPod music.

    Damn... there goes my excuse to upgrade :p
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    That happens to me a good amount when switching between my speakers. Sometimes it will think I still have headphones in and I can't hear at all!
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    I seem to remember seeing a video online showing that you can remove or poke a hole through the little white lint protector that covers the speaker and it doubles the sound. You might want to google it.
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    Brilliant suggestion! It really works!!!

    wow! Thanks for the suggestion! It's amazing and works!
    Difference is now like night and day! Or more accurately someone being muffled vs a stage performance!

    I already had in mind a thought to clear out some of the gunk that's accumulated into the holes of the speaker grille, but didn't try till now. I used a staple to clean it out like you would with a cotton bud on your own ears. Didn't penetrate too deep, about 1/8th of an inch.
    There were some holes that felt like you could go deeper and one or two it felt like I did pierce something very thin (in my accidental experience, I doubt it was the speaker cone, as those are generally quite tough and not easily popped by just a staple).
    I only did the left side and already it looks nicer in that you can't se the gunk anymore.

    Now the ringtone sounds alot better and really does sound louder.

    Furthermore, tested it with the iPod. It's very good!
    The sound comes from both left and right speakers, and it's clearly made a difference when I cover one side then the next! I'm going to have to do a video cap and upload to YouTube, otherwise no one will believe me!!!!!!

    Will send the link to here once I have recorded it tonight!
    I'm now a very happy bunny!!!!!

    Ps. Reading some forums suggest that this only really works for original iPhone. Apparently 3G doesn't have as big an effect, but I don't think it would hurt to gently clear out gunk from the holes.....
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