[iPad] Super Looper Puzzle Game - Beta Testers Needed

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    Super Looper is a challenging spatial puzzle game that'll tie you up in knots.

    Game Description

    Build a mystic knot by rotating and swapping tiles before your moves run out. This mind-bending puzzler rewards planning and careful play across its 100 hand-crafted levels.

    Identify the puzzle pieces in their scrambled positions and stretch your mind as you imagine how pieces will fit together after a sequence of moves.

    Be clever and solve it without using your allotted moves! By making smaller knots, you infuse the pieces with power so that they can be moved for free. Can you slowly build larger and more intricate knots and achieve a gold star?

    Alternately build a knot of your own design, show agility and speed, and take a leisurely trip with no constraints at all. All while thieving birds, vaporizing lightning strikes, and tile-swapping magnets up the challenge.

    Beta Testing Goals

    This game has a high skill cap and more complex interactions than the standard match-three. We would like to understand if we are doing a good job explaining the game, if the game is interesting for new players, and if the difficulty ramps up appropriately for new players.

    Do you want to help?
    What you will need:

    • * An iPad
    • * iOS 8
    • * Apple Test Flight App

    Please send me a PM with the following info:
    • * Name You would like to use if different from your forum name
    • * AppleID email address



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