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    Hi, i'm bluegate a social media coordinator for Digi Phoenix Studio.
    Digi Phoenix Studio is an independent game developer in Indonesia, bringing gamer world iPhone, Android, Java, Windows andMacintosh games and applications.

    We are currently still focusing on iOS based games. Some of our games can be downloaded for free.

    Here are some of them:


    LA. Music Blocks
    L.A. Lights is one of the leading brands in Indonesia, commonly known amongst the young, trendy and hip people. From holding most the biggest music festivals and concerts, to catering for the new and talented youngsters in “Meet The Labels”, “Indie Movies”, “L.A. Streetball”, “Campus League” and many more, the brand continues to reach every aspects of young, daring and creative way of life.

    Working together with the brand, we developed two iPad games that represent their image. ShootOut, a basketball scoring arcade game and Music Block, a musical arcade with a fun twist on the music background.

    Download for free here


    LA. ShootOut
    Working together with L.A Lights, we are proud to present you with Shootout, a basket ball scoring game that has the feel and looks just like the ones at the arcades. This game is designed to represent the image of the young, unique and stylish people and also to promote the brand name.

    This game will be presented at each L.A. Lights events

    Download for free here

    Future game of ours will be updated by editing the first post to this thread, so stay subscribed. Thank you for your time :)

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