[iOS universal] Type II: Hardcore 3D FPS with Tower Defense elements: $5.99 -> $3.99

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    Hi again,
    I've just noticed that this thread exists. Our indie game is on sale for a while already, so I wanted to let you know before the sale ends!

    Type II: Hardcore 3D FPS with Tower Defense elements
    Set up your defense, delve into action, protect the objective!
    There are no ads and no IAPs whatsoever, we are old school premium PC-like game, made for mobile though :)

    > Lay out your strategy at the beginning of each enemy wave
    > Deploy defensive towers
    > Dive into the rail mounted MK-614t, the most destructive turret ever built by mankind
    > Protect the objective by all means!

    > Uncommon mix of genres - First-Person Shooter with Tower Defense Strategy elements
    > 3 worlds filled with unique, handcrafted levels
    > Multiple weapons with alternate fire modes, each suited for specific scenarios
    > Multiple automated defense towers to aid you in the heat of battle
    > Various enemy types requiring various tactic approaches
    > Epic BOSS battles
    > Amazing 3D graphics
    > 60+ FPS ready (120 FPS on 120 Hz displays)!
    > Comfortable single joystick controls
    > Controller support + controls remapping
    > Rating system based on mission specific optional challenges raising the difficulty
    > Achievements (Google Play login required)
    > Cloud synchronization (Google Play login required)
    > Beefy options and graphics settings

    App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/type-ii/id1471767851?ls=1

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