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    Dec 30, 2017
    Hi there! I've recently found these apps that connect your PC screen to an iPad, and I'm having a great experience with them, so I would like to introduce/review them. Using these apps, you can now stream your PC to your iPad or use your iPad as a second PC screen with Twomon SE & EasyCanvas.

    The main features that I have experienced are:

    1) Streaming/Playing PC games from the PC onto the iPad

    2) Android game streaming on the iPad

    3) Using the iPad as a dual/duplicate/extended PC screen

    Check out the following YouTube videos for a basic introduction and tutorial about Twomon SE & EasyCanvas.

    Twomon SE is more optimized for work or gaming, and EasyCanvas is more useful when using an Apple Pencil. For EasyCanvas, you can try a free trial and it supports wireless connectivity. If you are using a Windows-based desktop rather than a Mac PC, I highly recommend these apps. In my humble opinion, these apps currently provide the best app experiences among other similar apps.

    In recent updates, these apps have released an integrated Hub Manager, and more supported devices have been added. For detailed specifications and supported devices, refer to the dev's website or app store info.

    Twomon SE


    EasyCanvas - Graphic tablet App


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