Introducing Motif Mask – A Puzzle Experience Unlike Others

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    Motif Mask – Brain Puzzle
    Are you clever enough to find the pattern hidden underneath the mask?
    Motif Mask – recreate patterns by stacking layers above layers of artwork. Stand alone, each pattern is a mesmerizing test of your brain power and creativity. Together, only 60 seconds to spare and the clock ticking down mercilessly, Motif Mask can be the biggest brain challenge you encounter yet.
    Visit the wonder of Native American culture hidden behind each pattern. Each time you pick up a scattered pieces and put them back together, a piece of history is reborn.
    Solve over a hundred unique puzzles made possible in Motif Mask only.

    Motif Mask Modes:
    Classic Mode: Race against the clock & match as many patterns as you can in under 1 minute. Puzzle are getting progressively harder the more you solve them.
    Arcade Mode: Or a perfectionist’s nightmare. Beat puzzles without messing up, once. Think it’s no hard task solving a 3-layer pattern? How about solving a 7-layer pattern in one try?
    Solve patterns & motifs inspired by great cultures around the world. Discover the beauty of Native American culture in the first edition of Motif Mask. More puzzle packs to follow.
    Over 100 unique, hand-drawn, beautifully personalized patterns.

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