Introducing Hi Weather: Dark Sky inspired Radar & Alerts App!

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Are you weather knowledgeable person?

  1. Radar tells us about temperature

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  2. Radar tells us about rain

  3. Radar tells us about air quality

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  1. activeuser_co

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    Nov 2, 2016
    I’m thrilled to announce the release of Hi Weather, the app that I made to elevate your weather experience to a whole new level!
    Download Hi Weather on AppStore

    With Hi Weather, you’ll have access to real-time radar updates, allowing you to track storms and weather patterns like never before. Stay weather-prepared with our customizable alerts, keeping you informed about conditions that matter to you, whether it’s rain, wind, or UV index.

    Discover the beauty of our Dark Sky layout, making forecast interpretation a breeze. Best of all, Hi Weather is ad-free, ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth experience.

    Join us in exploring the wonders of weather with Hi Weather! Download now and unlock a new world of weather insights.

    Download Hi Weather on AppStore

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