Universal Introducing Famory (by Fronne)

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    Hi guys, we are thrilled to announce the release of Famory!

    Famory will be released on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in 10 languages and it's NOT an ordinary Memory Game...
    On the App Store(s), you will read the following description:

    Everyone played it before, small cards with images, where you had to find two identical cards. Famory is a variant of that game. You not only have to match two equal cards but also three or four or even five. Or match one or more cards with a sound for example.

    Famory is a game to train and test your memory, there are levels for adults but also for children. There are levels with animal sounds, musical instruments, vehicles and of course a lot of levels with (lots of different) images.

    Famory stimulates the development of a child's brain in a fun way. But also their parents (and elderly in general) will benefit if they play Famory, alone, or together with their children.

    Your concentration and your memory can improve by playing Famory. It's not the ultimate cure for Alzheimer or other brain diseases but it's always good to train your brain and stay mentally fit in a fun way!

    With 36 levels for younger kids and 126 levels for older kids and their parents in the first release, you don't get bored soon.

    There's a small introduction video (pump up the volume) available on YouTube:


    Franco Palmieri
    Yvonne Slagveld

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