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    Into The Hole is a traffic and road safety awareness endless game from our daily lives where each people witness the careless people who meets an accident while crossing road, while driving, while on railway station/train station, while ignoring traffic rules etc by using mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

    Into The Hole is a torn chapter in everyday's life i.e with the advancement in technology safety has become a greatest concern.Into The Hole shows a portion of it and its de-merits with such advancement.

    The gameplay is simple.Look out for people who uses mobile on road and while driving and suck them Into The Hole.Play the endless game challenge and survive as long as you can .
    Stay Safe....

    Download Now : Into The Hole | Google Play
  2. Brianna Taeuber

    Jul 24, 2018
    Love the moral commentary. This looks fun!
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  3. Users mistook as spam of its a storyline based on real life incident.A portion of it has been shown in this game.

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