Into the Badlands Blade Battle

Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd
Fight as your favorite heroes & villains from “Into the Badlands” including Sunny, The Widow, M.K., Tilda, Quinn and mor…
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Fight as your favorite heroes & villains from “Into the Badlands” including Sunny, The Widow, M.K., Tilda, Quinn and more. Survive epic quests in an unforgiving world & forge Alliances to survive and conquer the Badlands. The official game of the AMC’s ‘Into the Badlands’. Featuring a never-before-seen, isometric, one vs. many free-flow combat experience that’s easy to play but hard to master. COLLECT & RECRUIT SURVIVORS IN THE BADLANDS Experience the life of Badlands survivor as depicted in the hit TV show. Defy the odds and defeat Barons to gain their strength, each with their own specialized battle strategy. UPGRADE YOUR FIGHTERS AND ROSTER • Level up and customize your fighters to enhance their fighting strategies, weapons and skills •Customize your Badlands Team from a roster of 25+ heroes with unique weapons and combat styles. Unlock special abilities and powers with Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes. • Return daily to earn gold, gems and powerful rewards. FORGE POWERFUL ALLIANCES AND CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM • Team up with your friends and other Badland survivors to build the strongest Alliance • Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their team in the fight • Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world to become the Badland’s most fierce Baron! • Rare Regent? Epic Baron? It’s your choice as you construct your roster while collecting heroes and villians from the Badlands. BATTLE IN ICONIC LOCATIONS Play & slay in the Pit, Quinn’s Fort, the Widow’s Lodge, Wall Street, the Dollhouse and other key locations from the show. Search the lands for chests and unlock new characters via scouting. DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE! Into the Badlands © 2017 AMC Film Holdings LLC.  All Rights Reserved.
Seller:Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Mar 15, 2017
Updated:Jan 06, 2021
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