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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Stirolak26, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Sep 19, 2010

    What they always try to do is compare iPhone to consoles though, why not comp are iPad HD games to consoles or pc/laptops instead and iphone to ds and psp specifically? They claim that just because games have a big budget they must begetter.if you look at the entire psp library most of those games aren't unique or innovAtive at all. Most are spinoffs of ps2 and recently ps3 games that sometimes like vc2 are expected of you to gave played the previous versions and a total Sony fanboy to enjoy fully. Same thing with metal gear. If you never played a metal gear before or owned consoles and just got snake eaters you'd be confused as he'll. So IMO ipad gaming is not just cheaper or more innovAtive but more enjoyable than psp gaming (they hardly have any games coming up for it at all and it still costs 200 bucks). It will catch up to the ds soon with big hitters like aralpn coming out IMO but it left psp in the dust a long time ago, ESP iPad. Waaaaay more enjoyable and comfortable with the beautiful large screen and no ghosting to deal with unlike the psp. Well, maybe they fixed the ghosting on the other models but it still has many hardware problems. Remember how bad the original dpad was?

    That super meat boy dev IMO should have called the pspand not the idevices the tiger handheld of this generation anyone agree? Heck it was the most returned gadget of any tech gadgets this year according to a poll on kotaku (i believe) I read.

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