InstaCommentor Now FREE (ends 6/30)

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    Now It's FREE (~ 6/30).

    InstaCommenter shows "Unreplied" and "Replied" comments on your Instagram posts.
    You can reply to comments by tapping and the replied comments will automatically be moved to the "replied" list.

    Don't leave hundreds of comments from your friends unreplied.
    Save your time scrolling up the comment table view to find unreplied comments.

    The following useful features are provided.

    ** Comments **
    - Views of "Unreplied", "Replied" and "All comments" for each post.
    - Selects comments to reply by tapping comments cells.
    - Ids who wrote selected comments are pasted on the type view.
    - After comments are replied, they are moved to "Replied" comments view.
    - Reloading comments to a post.

    ** Posts **
    - Lists your posts with the number of "Unreplied" and "Replied" comments.
    - Reloads posts.

    ** Etc **
    You can see the total numbers of "Unreplied", "Replied" and "All comments".
    You can logout and login to another Instagram account.

    ** Developer Instagram ID: @gmystudio

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