Insilentium - a mobile collectible card game in the style of "Dark Fantasy"

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    Insilentium was conceived as the world of the dead, inhabited by four races: humans, deaths, robots, and creatures of the Astral.
    Initially, we want to introduce you to the trailer, giving you the opportunity to see the game in action.

    How can Insilentium captivate you?
    First of all, we have set ourselves two goals. Create a game that retains the core CCG / TCG mechanics, BUT don't fall into the trap of creating "just another so-called Hearthstone killer" or a clone of any other existing card game.
    This has been achieved by adding several features that are not found in typical CCGs.
    The battlefield itself
    The game features a 3-lane battlefield. First, the player calls (lays out) his cards on the first lane (this is the area for calling cards), then the cards must move forward to the central lane (control line).
    After summoning a card, you cannot control it, they move around the field and attack the enemy's creatures or enemy hero on their own. Most cards have a draft weakness and cannot move immediately after being summoned.
    In the next round, your creatures and enemy creatures move forward and, if on a square,
    on which the card must advance, there is an opponent's creature, the cards enter the battle, and the enemy must be defeated in order for your card to occupy this line - if the opponent's card holds, your card cannot advance, and if your card loses, then it dies.
    If your card is on the center line,
    and there is no one on the summoning field of your opponent, your card attacks the opponent's hero directly.
    What about the logic of the decks?
    The team drew inspiration from SolForge, a great and deep game, to create logic for deck building, card design, and mechanics for active abilities. But our team also went out of their way to identify the reasons why SolForge ended up failing, in order to avoid the same mistakes.
    Insilentium does not use a mana system, instead, each player can play 2 cards per turn (except for the first turn, where you only have 1 action), and a level system that automatically increases every 4 turns.
    Each card has a level number displayed in the upper right corner, which represents the card level.
    The card can be called / used only when the level of the battlefield is equal to or higher than the level of the card. Thus, at level 1, the player cannot summon a level 3 card, he will need to wait for the battlefield to reach level 3 or higher.

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