Insignia: Tactics

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Welcome to the world of Insignia: Tactics, where the bonds of friendship and comradery are forged in the fires of unendi…
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Welcome to the world of Insignia: Tactics, where the bonds of friendship and comradery are forged in the fires of unending conflict. You are Rayl, nephew to the Archon of Artesia. You'll stop at nothing to protect your country and family, but your foes are many and equally persistent. Somebody has it out for you, and it will take great courage and resolve to defeat them. Can you solve the mystery of the war and bring those responsible to justice? -Traditional Design Philosophy- We grew up on awesome portable RPGs, and we asked ourselves: why can't mobile games be the same? No need for micro-transactions or pay-to-win shenanigans. Go on an adventure that defies mobile game expectations! -Strategy RPG- Take on your foes within a grid-based battle system. Plan and position your units wisely, then unleash destruction! -Customizable Squad- 14 unique character classes (Insignias). Over 70 unique abilities. Upgrade abilities and choose how you want to improve them - there are multiple upgrade paths for most abilities. Equip Magnetics Fragments to fine-tune each and every one of your units. -Dynamic Strategy- 35+ Story missions (and optional Arvada missions) will test your abilities and force you to adapt to new and interesting circumstances. Insignias are designed to counterbalance each other, so there are always multiple winning strategies for each battle. -Single Player Campaign- Experience an epic story following a company of soldiers through unforeseen peril, witty dialogue, and growing friendship through all 30+ hours of the campaign. -Mobile First- Navigate the battlefield with intuitive touch controls. Insignia autosaves as you play, even during battle. Never worry about losing your progress after a short play session. -Customizable Difficulty- Too difficult? Too easy? No problem. Customize the difficulty to your liking. Don't feel like paying real money to win? Don't worry - we don't like doing that either. Includes a Story Mode for those mostly interested in the narrative. -New Game Plus- A staple of the genre, but with a twist. Play through the campaign again on your terms. Perhaps you can even change the events of the story!
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Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Mar 02, 2021
Updated:Apr 30, 2022
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