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    Aug 7, 2012
    As a first-time solo developer, I'd really love some feedback! Please try out INKY!





    Help INKY and his friends avoid the dangers of the pirate world through a new and beautiful physics-based game! It’s up to you to prevent INKY from landing in the pirates’ ship and end up on the black market! Draw line segments to keep INKY bouncing. Steal rubies to unlock goodies for enhanced gameplay!


    INKY features 6 original animated characters, 13 imaginative backgrounds, 8 creative power-ups, and a medley of sounds/music that maintain electrifying gameplay for hours on end! INKY supports a well-crafted shopping structure with easy to use implementation, as well as a 3-pick boost system, where the player may select his three favorite power-ups to use during the game. INKY also supports a tutorial mode for inexperienced players to learn the basic rules and concepts behind the game.



    • Characters
    - INKY
    - TED
    - BLOB
    - Mr. PUDD (now free for limited time!)
    - APPLE

    • Backgrounds
    - Cloth Sewn Texture
    - Crumpled Paper
    - Mystic Blue
    - Vintage Document
    - Graphed Paper
    - Cartooned Cardboard
    - Diamond Blue Design
    - Green Flourish Design
    - Bright Light Blue
    - Crumpled Line Paper
    - Swirly Design
    - Rainbow Texture
    - Blurred Distance Landscape
    - Sunset Landscape

    • Power-ups
    - Big Boost
    - Safe Boost
    - Double Spawn Boost
    - Magnet Boost
    - Gamble Boost
    - Infinite INK Boost
    - Drag Boost
    - Jetpack Boost


    Download Here:

    Thanks again!

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