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    Jun 5, 2010
    Industrial Brothers Begins Production on Beast Farmer II for iPhone, iPod and iPad

    Swiping, Slicing and Slashing Attacking Beasts Has Never Been More Fun

    TORONTO, ON – August, 30, 2010 – With over 820,000 downloads of their first game, Beast Farmer: Swamp Chicken Edition, in just three months, independent gaming studio Industrial Brothers has wasted no time ensuring that Beast Farmer fans worldwide are given the opportunity to return to “Beast Planet” with their new release Beast Farmer II: Beasts Unleashed.
    Psycho-Crabs, Exploding Frogs, Hairless Dragon Bats, and Skull-shooting Octopi are just a few of the creatures that will engage users in this exciting sequel.
    Beast Farmer II: Beasts Unleashed will offer user-customized Avatars as well as allowing players to challenge their friends, compete for a range of achievements and badges and battle among their peers for their place at the top of the leaderboards.
    “We definitely listened to the feedback from our fans when we were developing this game,” said Creative Director Matthew Fernandes, “and we focused on a style of game play that would let people play and replay the game with a range of the amazing beasts of Beast Planet”.
    With an expected release date in October 2010, the team at Industrial Brothers has great expectations for their Beast Farmer franchise. The Beast Farmer brand is already a worldwide hit with Beast Farmer: Swamp Chicken Edition having achieved the rank of the #1 Free Kids Game in 32 countries.

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    Ryan Lussing

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    Good news :) But, should be in the Upcoming Games section, no? :x
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    Thanks xFinch713x, posting it there now!

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