1. m8nocabbage

    m8nocabbage New Member

    Nov 18, 2021
    Hello lovely people!

    Often there might be a bit of miscommunication and confusion between audio workers and game developers. Composers/sound designers who don’t know how to approach the devs, resulting in massive amounts of spam emails. Devs who are just starting out and are overwhelmed by the choices of music/sound sources, who end up using the simplest audio work that doesn’t reflect their game’s vision.
    So we decided to create an Indie Game Audio Survey to help the community better to understand each other’s needs. In the survey, you will be asked multiple questions related to the specific field you are working on and go into detail about your work process. By collecting the votes and feedback from many different new and old professionals will help us create valuable charts helpful for everyone in the dev community!
    We kindly ask you to participate in the survey as it is simple to do and will allow everyone to gain valuable insight into the minds of both devs and audio workers, creating a better understanding of both worlds. After passing the survey you will be able to receive the fully visualised data for your reference.

    Follow the link below to pass the survey in just 2-3 min⇓

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