Universal Indiana Jones meets Marble Madness? Yes Please! Face the Challenge of Marble Mountain

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    Nov 18, 2014
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    Most Marble’s spend their days drunkenly smashing into each other or hide in constant fear that the finger of god will come along and flick them. However once in a great while there comes a Marble who is brave enough to leave town and seek glory by traversing to the top of the Mountain and seek the treasure every Marble knows to be there!
    Lightning Rock is excited to deliver Marble Mountain

      • Exciting adventure/3D platformer
      • Intuitive accelerometer controls
      • Guide the marble through a variety of hand crafted levels
      • Avoid obstacles such as avalanches, Mettalan cubes, evil skulls and trapdoors
      • Solve puzzles using skill and timing, collect Aurum’s and above all don’t fall off!
      • Extreme challenge with no ‘advance spawns’ finish the level or start again
      • Unlock different skins for your Marble by completing levels at Gold
      • Featuring real physics, modern graphics and an addictive music track
      • Hours of fun and challenge for any age group

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