IncrediAlarm 1.0 Released

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    ♥ Weather ♥
    - Today's weather in my area will take you.
    - The current weather information displayed as icons.
    - The current temperature of the display so that you know intuitively.
    - Information of the Celsius temperature / Fahrenheit support.
    - Using the iPhone's GPS to automatically set based on the current position.
    - Automatic GPS off when enter background.

    ♥ Watch ♥
    - The most intuitive and cute-shaped clock.
    - Month, day, day of week display information.

    ♥ Theme ♥
    - Weather is automatically set to the app theme.
    - The user wants to manually set the theme.
    - Portrait, Landscape screen supported in all directions.
    - Set of theme in the morning to check the weather will be. ^^


    ♥ Use iPod Music ♥
    - Used as an alarm to music stored on my iPhone. mp3, and you can take advantage of source.
    - Use entire length of music. (Not specific length.)

    ♥ Voice Recording ♥
    - Recording the voices of your lovers can be specified as an alarm sound!
    - Wake up in the morning with your lover's voices ^^

    ♥ Alarm ♥
    - Support snooze function. (ON/OFF Possible)
    - Shake to snooze off.
    - You want to sleep a liitle bit more? Just shake your iPhone! Give wake up again after 10 mins. ^^
    - Alarm off to touch a simple button.
    - Specify volume size setting.
    - The alarm is stopped, will be restore to its previous volume state automatically.
    - Go crappy sound effect!! Can be set to sound fresh (Default supplied)
    - Register up to 10 alarms.
    - Specify on a week's time or can be repeated every week..


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