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The Most Original Dress-up

  1. #2 Lady Gaga

    25 vote(s)
  2. #7 Guardian of Light

    11 vote(s)
  3. #8 Chopin A. Vegi

    9 vote(s)
  4. #10 Shadow Warrior

    11 vote(s)
  5. #11 Shadow Assassin

    28 vote(s)
  6. #14 Fremus (Bull's Eye)

    8 vote(s)
  7. #27 Frederique

    8 vote(s)
  8. #44 Meet Tony

    8 vote(s)
  9. #56 Lavan

    7 vote(s)
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    I'm almost assuredly going to do the exact same thing with it! lols
  2. com2us

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    Congratulations! - Dress-up Contest Winners!

    ** Most Original**
    (11) "Shadow Assassin" by 333HalfEviL
    This Silent Assassin Was Born Deep In The Darkness Of Ominus Forest, Left Alone. She Had To Obtain Her Skills By Knowledge And Combat, Slaughtering Creatures Near About. Surviving Everyday, She Became A Killing Machine To All Living Things That Tried To Hunt Her Down. Her Heart Became Dark, And She Didnt Have Any Feeling For Pain. Her Name Is Unknown But For Now, She Is Considered A Shadow Assassin. She Wears A Special Pair Of Clothing Made Out Of Leather And A Rare Type Of Tree-Bark On The Outer Layer. A Long Orange Cape Falls Behind Her And Flies A Bit To The Side, Flowing With The Wind. And Last, Her Deadly Daggers, Short And Made Of Strong Steel, Has The Sharpest Sided-Edges Ever Seen Before, Thats Only Been Told By One Surviver.

    All his entries were very well drawn and well-desribed, but we found this the most interesting out of all.

    ** Funniest**
    (19) "A Mad Scientist" by Jarek
    This is a Mad Scientist who has been experimenting with DNAs of Apes and human trying to breed perfect sevant and soldier.
    Unfortunately, once one of his tests went wrong and when he woke up after giant explosion, he was transformed into an ape!

    Funny. The runner ups were "Fredrique"(37, by inundated) and "Advise dog"(46, Donovan1209).

    ** Well-rounded**
    (37) "Frederique" by Inundated
    Frederique: no idea how he got there, Frederique's just looking for a way out...and perhaps a croissant.
    armed with a big moustache and a paint brush, Frederique must fight to find his way back to france

    ** Best Looking**
    (2) "Lady Gaga" by lsatblu

    (67) "Lil' Santimo" by Bunsoi
    Name: Lil' Santimo - the messanger of santa claus
    Weapon: Bomb Gift Box (AoE 130 damage + Stun for 1.5 secs)


    ** Best Effort**
    (8) "Chopin A. Vegi" by unknownalias11
    His name is Chopin A. Vegi. He was once the proud and happy owner of the flourishing and renown restaurant, Yummy in my Tummy, in Hungary when an angry and disgruntled customer sent back the soup and ran out on the bill. As many know, sending back the soup is the ultimate offense to a chef and running out on the bill is just adding "insalt" to injury.?Enraged by this act of injustice, Chopin A. Vegi temporarily left his brother, Eaton D. Vegi, in charge of the restaurant while he set off on a journey to find the evil crook who defaced his name and stole a free meal. Destroying anything in his path, monsters and people alike, he spans the globe in search for his retribution.

    He wears his customary chef hat which makes him look awesome. Also he carries his razor sharp chef knife and trusty frying pan which can chop down and smash the competition.

    ** Best Described**
    (15) "This is Gemini" by Geminius
    Gemini is a mysterious dark wizard/magician with powers far greater than ever. He keeps to himself and no one has ever seen him leave the Dark Forest of Elderon. He wears a dark purple cloak, a half black and half white mask, and a purple magician hat that has a black and white ball at the end which matches his mask. He doesn't carry a weapon but uses the powerful magic that lies within him. It is rumored that Gemini never wants to been seen.

    You can find Gemini in the "Darker" World of Magic in the Dark Forest of Elderon. There is no sunlight at all but only the light of plants and mysterious evil creatures that lie within. You can find many mushrooms that glow or even trees or plants full of insects that light up/glow. Gemini is surrounded by creatures from huge poisonous spiders to large Dark Treants.

    It is legend that Gemini has possession of magical legendary equipment far greater than any other equipment ever created. Many people of the World of Magic start raids to try and obtain the magical equipment. Legends have it, that anyone who enters the Dark Forest of Elderon do not come out.

    All his entries were well-described.

    ** Lamest**
    (31) "John and the Toilet" by phattestPhatty
    I believe this is the one with the toilets...
    the guys name is john... after the inventor of the toilet i believe...
    his flying turds have many superpower, all unique, some explode on contact, some become magic fireballs, some become rubbery and stick to the face, and some grow spikes to slice and dice. but... they all smell like a turd... In the end, he brings the two toilets smashing down on the opponents' heads. he needs no shield because he creates a wall of turds a mile thick... impossible to penetrate.

    It was funny in the beginning. It got lamest because the it was dirty :p

    (63) "The Coolest Entry Ever" by DieterAppData
    This might look normal but there's a story behind how she got that smiley face on her shirt. It wasn't easy. A lot of trouble was involved in getting this shirt. One day Shakira (that shall be what I will call the character) was walking minding her own business. All of a sudden in front of her she witnessed someone dead on the ground with a shirt that had a smiley face on it. Shakira decided to take it because she thought it was nice. When she was going home she was chased by evil monkey ninjas. They chased her for a long time but never caught Shakira. She was too fast. She didn't know why she was so fast though. She used to be the slowest person in her community. It took her awhile to figure it out but she later found out the shirt was sacred and held a special power. This shirt could make her run very fast. As soon as she found this out a ninja monkey jumped on her and more ninjas dog piled on her. She was scared and didn't know what to do; all of a sudden everything stopped. She had froze them. She started realizing this shirt contained more power (and trouble) then she'd thought. She knew that she needed to get somewhere secret, away from the evil ninjas. She hid away in a cave for 3 years where she learned to master the shirt and its powers with her master. She had discovered that the shirt could let her transform, fly, freeze people, earn extra strength, and has super speed. She was then ready to finally tell her family about the shirt. When she got home one day she found her family...dead. The ninjas had killed her. She decided to get revenge on them. She hunted for the ninja's head quarters for two months and she finally found it. That night was not a good night for the ninjas. Shakira had easily overpowered them and destroyed all they had. After this night she realized that this shirt held too much trouble. She wanted to get rid of the shirt but she knew she had a responsibility. She now uses the powers for good.

    Story :D

    So many funny & lame entreis. The runner up was (59, "Princess" Lala by akame)

    * Thank you all for submitting awesome dress-up designs!! There were too many excellent ones that it was extremely harsh for us to select the winners! Hope you find our final decision reasonably fair:)

    * Music delivery is delayed a little. Sorry. All musics will be sent by this week. :)
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    Thanks for the gift card!
  4. Poly113

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    Answer: Chef
  5. emaddox

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    "Lil' Santimo" by Bunsoi is just an unedited sprite body from Ragnarok online with an IMO character face......

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