I'm looking for those who can develop a prototype of one of my mobile games ideas.

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    Before introducing myself, I would like to clarify that I wrote on the same topic, also on other forums.
    My name is Andrea. I am Italian. I just want to tell you that, unfortunately, I don't have the necessary funds to finance who would like to create at least one of my idea's prototype, in order to propose them to companies or investors. I know this has already discouraged you, but I hope you will continue to read. My proposal is to give in a percentage of royalties to the ones that helped me.
    If they will create my other video games after the demo, you will also receive a percentage of royalties on these. That's because I would like to return the favour, as in the first part of the project you will have to work for free.

    If instead I had to find the funds, I would be interested to know how much it would cost me.

    I also understand that a prototype of the game takes a long time to be created; I know it's hard to make money from a mobile game, so I'll understand if you won't be interested in my offer.

    I'm not a programmer, but in the recent years have written over ten ideas for various types of mobile games. I tried to enter as many details as possible for each idea. Among the various details I also mean the overall duration of the game, the characters, the display limits that can be on a smartphone. What I look at carefully, is to understand if there will be problems, with everything that will happen on the screen. I also try to understand, what is the best way to monetize with every game. Among the ideas I have written, there are some that might like especially in the Asian market, especially the Japanese and Chinese markets.

    I want to make it clear that my ideas are constantly evolving, in the sense that I often modify them to make them better and different from existing games.I accept both advice and criticism (even heavy ones) from those who want to help me.
    If you are not interested in what I wrote below, I already have other ideas that you might like.


    1- 3vs3.Action: You will not only have to fight with classic weapons or spells, but you will have a kind of bag available. Its dimensions that you will be able to increase and the use you will make of it will be of great effectiveness to reach the final objective. During the game, to win, you will need to be able to change the height of your fighter.

    2- 3vs3.Action: You will have to defend your village and attack that enemy. The villages are divided only by a small road. The peculiarity of the game is that every village can be destroyed. The curious part is that the destruction will not happen in the most conventional ways , but the characters controlled by the game environment will be decisive. This will allow you to fight against the enemy and to witness visually appealing effects.

    3- Strategy.1vs1. There will be percentages linked to cards, which you will have to use to fight. Increasing the percentages will greatly affect your path. In addition to the card characters, to achieve victory you will have to use a nice old man who will play a key role throughout the game. The more you hit the enemy, the bigger your initial base will become. All this will make the game interesting and different from those of the same genre.

    4- Strategy.1vs1. Inside the game there will be large mirrors. Their function will be relevant to your success against the enemy. You can strenghten them and use them against your opponent. You will also have to manage a warrior. He does not command it directly, you will do it through a wizard.

    5- 3-Match and Action. Single player. The 3-matches will be used a lot, both to upgrade your fighters and to do other things. You will fight inside structures with geometric shapes. Darkness and light will be very important throughout the game.

    I hope you will like one of my ideas, and that you will help me with my project. To those interested, I will release my email.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Your sincerely, Andrea.

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