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    A while ago on here I posted my first application iGuess when it had been released onto the App Store.

    It's been 3 months since iGuess was first released to the app store and I've been working hard, around school and work, to get an update worth releasing. The actual update itself wasn't hard and didn't take much time, it was however the approval/rejection time that took the longest. After the update being rejected the first time after submission with no e-mail notification so I am not sure when that rejection happened. After a few changes which I thought may have sorted it out and resubmitted the update was then rejected for a second time due to no notification that the device cannot connect to the internet if there was no connection, however this was e-mailed and was tackled quickly ready for a third submission and as they say, 3rd times a charm, and I have just received an e-mail notifying that the update has been changed to ready for sale.

    This was however anticipated with a high score submitted to the high score server under the name of "Orange".

    So what does the update feature?

    The update features:

    A new Global High Score List, kindly hosted by 1026 Development,
    & 3 new difficulty settings: Easy, Medium & Hard.

    I am working on the next update which will definitely feature a new high score view, a table view rather than a webview.

    I will also be looking to change the whole look of the Application, if any good ideas pop into my head.

    I'd love to hear feedback for any improvements people would like to see.

    Link: iGuess


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