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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by jlake02, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. jlake02

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Los Angeles
    iFishing has been released on the AppStore. You can get it here.

    I'm going to review it on my site tomorrow. :)

  2. I have bought it. Opinion later. Thanks for the heads up.
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    To the developer-
    This is crap! It isn't very user-friendly at all. What the hell am I supposed to do? I cast into the water and wait for 5 minutes bored out my brains, start reeling in, then the man says "you need to set the hook"- What's that???
    When ever I get a "STRIKE" appear on the screen (I am assuming that means something has taken to the bait) I reel in, and nothing is on the end except my bait! How am I supposed to know what speed to reel in at? From what I can see, there is nothing telling me.
    On default settings, the music was far too loud, and I couldn't hear the speech over it on my Touch speaker (2nd gen Touch). In the end I had to turn the music off.

    The bottom text when you start fishing says "To wind up, hold here then tilt towards you. To cast, tilt forward and release line."
    By wind up I assume that means to reel in? If that's the case why are you instructing how to reel in BEFORE instructing on how to cast out? And why don't you explain that you need to hold the bottom to cast out too?
    I feel a little cheated. So far, I have had a lot more enjoyment out of Hooked:pocket Fishing.

    [EDIT] And another thing! Twice so far I have stopped the boat where there is clearly a lot of fish on the screen at the bottom, then I go to fish and the man says "I don't think there are any fish here"- ARGHH!

    [EDIT 2] Regarding my comments above regarding "STRIKE" appearing on the screen, and reeling in without any indication as to what speed to reel in. I have now had the "STRIKE" and after a few seconds the tension bar appeared on the right side. Why didn't this appear the first four or five times I had a "STRIKE"?

    [EDIT 3] They just keep on coming don't they? If I am supposed to hold the bottom of the screen while flicking forward, then let go to cast, why then doesn't this work half the time? I am flicking my Touch forward like a lemon trying to get this flippin app to WORK!
  4. ITrocks

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    Oct 18, 2008
    Wow. I was on the verge of buying the app, having gone back to the previous post by arn and rewatching the gameplay video. Now, i'm not too sure..
  5. davidovich

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I bought it too, and in comparison to Hooked, it's a bit better, but it needs some improvements, as mentioned earlier. I won't be quite as harsh. I think the most important aspect missing is animated scenes. The static shots of the lakes just don't do it for me, especially after seeing what Flick Fishing is going to look like. Flick just seems more like it would give you the feel like you're there in the sea or at a lake. Having said that, I really like their first title, and seeing how much effort they put into this, I won't say that it's a failure in any way. It just needs some updates, hopefully before Flick arrives, because, like Arn mentioned, there is some stiff competition where this genre is concerned. Let's hope Rocking Pocket gets up to speed, quickly, and adds animations, and fixes some of the other issues WASTEDYUTHE has mentioned.
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    The thing is, I am sure some of my issues are purely due to the lack of a tutorial, or at least some on-screen prompts telling you to start reeling in, and perhaps explaining what setting the hook means etc.
    Other things like casting not working half the time and the man telling you there are no fish when there clearly was lots on the sensor machine, need to be fixed.
    "I won't be quite as harsh" - I only get harsh when I pay good money for an app and have to switch it off before I end up throwing my Touch out of the window. I'm a nice person normally, honest ;)
  7. arn

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    Apr 19, 2008
    the general lack of documentation in iPhone games really bothers me.

    (I haven't tried this one yet)

  8. Armbruster

    Armbruster Well-Known Member

    Say that to the mailman on Tuesday!
  9. I have posted my iTunes review- it's not good I'm afraid. Sorely disappointed.
  10. RPGGuy

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    Sep 3, 2008
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    I was going to post a complete user manual online but the game was approved an released in 1 day. The previous games took a week and I was expecting more time!

    Anyways to the questions...

    I don't think the music is too loud. It was reduced already so you could here the speech better.

    When you see "strike" (and on iphone feel a vibration) you have to jerk upwards to set the hook on the fish just like real fishing. You have a second to react. If you do set the hook you'll see "fish on" and the fight will start.

    To cast you press and hold the bottom area, then tilt it backwards as if over your shoulder, then tilt it forwards and then release your finger. It is quite forgiving since it doesn't have to be a smooth motion. You can hold it forward for a while and then release your finger to cast. The closer you tilt it towards completely flat the farther the cast will go.

    The "Wind up" refers to preparing to cast, not reeling. (as in winding up a bat in baseball).

    The fish finder may show some fish but the guide may want to fish in a better spot. You may have also driven past the spot with the fish.

    wastedyuthe: Have you ever fished before in real life? If you don't know what 'setting the hook' means I really doubt it :)
  11. To answer your question, no I haven't fished in real life, but I like playing fishing games. Should that matter?
    How are you listening to the audio? I was using my Touch's built in speaker and couldn't hear a word the guy was saying over the music.
    With regards to the fish finder, I definintely did NOT drive past the spot with the fish. After the first time it happened I made absolutely certain the fish were still displayed in the finder before-hand.
    Regarding the controls, I will try the controls again now they have been explained.
  12. RPGGuy

    RPGGuy Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    iFishing is a fishing simulation. If you have never fished before of course you wouldn't know how to cast or set the hook. Maybe this game will help you learn how to fish in real life :)

    The guide says there are no fish if the probability of catching a fish at a spot is less than 10% or so. You could still catch a fish and the fishfinder may show a few. It just means you should seek out a better spot to increase your chances.
  13. Exactly. There is some terminology here (like 'wind up' for example) that only fishermen will know. I had a look at the in-game help, and it wasn't much help at all. If only you'd have explained what you told me a couple of posts ago in your Help section of your app, I wouldn't have needed to rant earlier!
    Instead of writing this up on a website, why don't you just put it in the app like Hooked?
    I have tried your control methods (now I understand them) and have managed to catch my first 2 fish (finally)! I will re-write my iTunes review. But I stand by my initial impressions- I can't help being a novice to fishing, and can't help it if I didn't find the Help section as helpful as it should be (that was a mouthful!).
  14. Can you answer me one question- why, whenever I catch a pike, does the man keep telling me it's not what we're after? I thought any fish would be nice to catch!
  15. stemilan0

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    Oct 6, 2008
    I just want to say to the developer don't discourage yourself because of all the negative comments, I'm really having fun with your game! keep up the work, and with few bug fixes it will be perfect ;):D
  16. RPGGuy

    RPGGuy Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    On the lake selection screen it tells you what the target fish is for the tournament. This applies to the practice mode as well because you are practicing for the tournament. Every lake is set up to contain a lot of habitat for the target fish.
  17. Ahh. Thanks. I must say, now I know what I am doing (almost) I am enjoying it a bit more. I just have to get the hang of keeping the line tension down when I am reeling in.
  18. Okay- just re-submitted a review to iTunes. Here is what it reads...
    "I bought this when it was first released. There was no instructions on the website, and there are no in-depth instructions in the app itself. It was due to this that my initial review was a negative one, as the game isn't too user-friendly. There is a Help screen, but this only gives you a few pointers and doesn't offer in-depth instructions like I said.
    Other than that, once you know what to do it plays well. Fighting the fish and keeping the line tension down can be fun. Casting feels good, so long as you know to pull back first before flicking forward (then yank back when a fish bites!). The graphics are very nice. The map view is serviceable, but would have looked better with more realistic graphics. The actual fishing graphics are great, except the water isn't animated- you are basically playing against a photo. Rod animation is good though, especially when you hook a fish. Sound is excellent. Lots of ambient noise makes it sound like you are actually there. There is lots of value too, with many lakes to unlock with championships.
    I just wish there was instructions built into the app for us fishing newbies."

    I do like the game now. And maybe when I get to read some proper instructions I will give it more praise :)
  19. RPGGuy

    RPGGuy Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    I'll work on an online manual today for people that have no real life fishing experience. But seriously not knowing what setting the hook means? There are barbs on fish hooks that need to penetrate the fish's flesh and prevent the hook from coming out. If you don't set the hook the lure will just fall out and the fish will get away. That's like running a flight simulator and complaining because you never heard of 'landing gear' before. It's a simulation of fishing.
    Go educate yourself about what it is trying to simulate before writing a review.

    There is on screen help for casting and reeling, and audio instructions from your guide to set the hook if you aren't doing it, so I don't think I'm missing anything.

    Nevertheless I'll be making a manuals that explain everything in greater detail soon.
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    Right! There is a flight sim in the app store called X-Plane, and there have been MANY complaints from it's buyers because there are no instructions! So the developer saw sense and released instructions on it's website for the noobs and casual players. So I am not the only one to moan about a game, sim or not, because it doesn't tell you what to do!
    "But seriously not knowing what setting the hook means?" I am well aware that the hook has to penetrate the skin (although we are not allowed to use barbed hooks in the UK), but I didn't know the terminology of that was called "setting" the hook, ok? And as your app DOES NOT tell you to pull back the device to "set" the hook, I think you ARE missing something. So until you told me what to do, the guy was telling me to set the hook and I had no clue how to do that.
    "Go educate yourself about what it is trying to simulate before writing a review" - I gave you a good review in the end and now you say that to me. Your attitude stinks.

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