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    Dec 10, 2011
    If you want to choose a wonderful universe shooting game, Anti-Comet is the best without doubt. RoninWen Company released game that continues the tradition of shoot games. It is available for iPhone and iPad devices. Aim of the game is to destroy all of comets, and calculates. So open this game and letÂ’s go through it together.

    Anti-Comet has an distinctive storyline. Lot of 7-mile wide UFO are flying to our Earth! Dr. Wolf realizes that the object are comets, and calculates that they will hit the Earth. Players need to fly to the space and destroy all of them. They can be destroyed with missiles or nuclear weapons or called the airplane.

    Anti-Comet has colorful graphics. Main menu shows us epic battle in the space. In the game, the black sky shows the deep universe. You can see the spectacular scenes of explosion. You have some missiles to play. But if you want to continue playing you must purchase missiles,nuclear heads. Bottom-right: the pause bottom, shop, volume etc. Anti-Comet's touch controls work almost perfectly. It's solid, slick, and fluent. Players will touch and interact with objects and characters that provide cool art design, clean and eye-grabbing visuals. To play the game will be interesting to both children and adults. Don't miss it!

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