iPad iEscaper! 2 - by CELLNAVI [$0.99 limited time sale]

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    iEscaper! 2 - by CELLNAVI [$0.99 limited time sale]:eek:


    Your mission begins in the mysterious Castle of Doom where you must find the Crystal of the Dragon. Guarding the crystal within the castle awaits many mysterious secrets, deadly traps, and an ancient evil which will stop at nothing to protect the crystal.

    See if you have what it takes to solve the many mysteries, avoid the traps, and obtain the Crystal of Dragon!

    You are a lone Ninja whose mission it is to infiltrate the mysterious castle.
    Search for clues, solve mysterious puzzles, Tap, Shake, and Swipe your way out of traps
    in this thrilling epic adventure through the mysterious Castle of Doom!

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