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The idle game RPG where all your characters keep grinding 24/7! Choose classes & skill trees as they level up, and spend…
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The idle game RPG where all your characters keep grinding 24/7! Choose classes & skill trees as they level up, and spend their loot to gain more power... but don't be fooled by the simple graphics, IdleOn gets very complex! While you're offline, all your characters continue grinding, gathering resources, crafting items, and defeating bosses! IdleOn gets more complex the more you play, and with features like Tower Defense, Pet Battles, Cooking and more, there's always content to play! GAME FEATURES • 17 unique classes to specialize into! Will you max out idle gains, or go for max loot drop chance? • 250 skill perks to play with! A minmax dream! • More content than any other idle game, and rarely found in other RPG games! Complete Post Office Orders, collect and upgrade Stamps, deposit Statues, hunt rare monster for special crafting recipes, pray at the Obol Altar, compete in minigames, build a factory, command pet battles, do research, and more! What other idle games even have half as cool of features? None of them of course! • Unlimited idle gains, unlike most idle Games that cap you at 12 hours. Ew, right? • Level up 12 unique skills in true RPG fashion: Mining, Smithing, Alchemy, Fishing, Woodcutting, Construction, Breeding, Cooking, and more! • Talk to 50+ NPC's, all with hand-drawn pixel art animations • Witness the mental decline of the developer who made this game all by themselves! They've gone so insane that they speak of themselves in the 3rd person! • 200+ unique Equipment, like Helmets, Rings, uh, weapons... you know, all the normal stuff in an MMO • Talk with other REAL people! Kind of like how I'm talking to you right now, except you'll get to talk back! • Get HYPED for new content coming in the future by joining my discord at: • Yo man, life is too short to be reading entire game descriptions. You got this far, so you either REALLY need to go download the game, or you just scrolled to the bottom to see what's here. If so, there's nothing here except a smiley face with a nose :-)
Seller:Lavaflamestudios LLC
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Aug 12, 2022
Updated:May 11, 2024
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