Idle Trillionaire: Money Game

Steven Yee
Reach the achievement goals faster than your friends! Compete to have more money than other players at the 1 year mark …
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Reach the achievement goals faster than your friends! Compete to have more money than other players at the 1 year mark and other milestones! *You can demo this game free here! follow this link: The premium version (this version) unlocks over 500 cards and a prestige system that increases the time rate on subsequent play throughs. Are you ready to dive into the ultimate idle gaming experience that will redefine your understanding of prosperity? Look no further than Idle Trillionaire, the game that takes the concept of idle games to unprecedented heights! Immerse yourself in a captivating journey where your strategic decisions pave the way for unimaginable riches, all while conquering the virtual world in ways you never thought possible. *Build Your Empire:** Begin your ascent to unimaginable wealth by strategically acquiring and upgrading resource-boosting cards. With each card purchase, watch as your earnings of both money and happiness skyrocket, setting the stage for an exponential cascade of riches. *Unleash Your Potential:** As your wealth accumulates, explore an ever-expanding arsenal of cards that supercharge your earnings even further. Witness as your financial prowess reaches the levels of the world's wealthiest elites, generating millions of dollars per hour effortlessly. *Collect Happy:** Happiness isn't just a feeling; it's a valuable resource! Accumulate happy points to unlock new dimensions of growth, making each gaming session a joyous and fulfilling experience. *Beyond Trillions:** While trillion might seem like an astronomical sum, your ambitions don't have to stop there. Idle Trillionaire dares you to dream bigger – purchase entire countries, continents, and even the entire globe as you solidify your dominance on an unprecedented scale. Are you ready to embark on a wealth-building adventure that transcends boundaries and defies expectations? Join the ranks of the idle trillionaires and experience the ultimate evolution of idle gaming.
Seller:Steven Yee
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Nov 28, 2023
Updated:Apr 18, 2024
Size:3.0 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal