Android Idle Fortress: First Ascent

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    Aug 2, 2022
    Protect your base! Incredibly addictive tower defense game.

    A game in which you have to defend the base, repel waves of monsters, defeat the boss every stage.

    You have to wisely distribute the resources received. Strengthen the base, or pump weapons. The course of the battle depends on your choice. With each stage, monsters become stronger and new types appear.

    There are 3 types of weapons with different levels available in the game:
    - A powerful machine gun that pierces monsters on the spot.
    - Rapid-fire blaster (laser) with fast aiming.
    - Combat rocket launcher with huge damage.

    The style of your game depends on each type of weapon. Also, the player has access to additional improvements that will help during the game.


    Download: Idle Fortress: First Ascent

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