I'd Dub That (I'd Cab That for Video Dialogues)

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Would you dub that? Because I would definitely dub that.
    You have been enjoying capping that, now it's time to add dub (dialogues) to your videos

    I'd Dub That takes your everyday iPhone videos and slaps a hilarious (and often crude) dub (dialogue) on them with both sound track and subtitle. Save the composed video to your library then share it with your friends using your favourite tools! You'll have a blast dubbing your videos.

    ☞ More than one hundred random, hilarious dialogue sound tracks and subtitles
    ☞ Never repeats the same dialogue
    ☞ Save to your video library then share to friends as you like
    ☞ Choose a video from your library or use the camera
    ☞ Drag the dialogue to the fittest time point to achieve the best effect
    ☞ View the source where the dialogue comes from!

    Do not use I'd Dub That if you are easily offended. This app is for entertainment purposes only.

    Goto support page www.facebook.com/pages/Id-Dub-That-iPhone/346653708736815 and see if there is any promo code left

    Note: it will be ready to download on 20 June 2012

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