Ice Cream Disaster

Ramon Bosch
Play the free offline arcade game Ice Cream Disaster! Don't let your ice cream cone collapse while you keep catching and…
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Play the free offline arcade game Ice Cream Disaster! Don't let your ice cream cone collapse while you keep catching and stacking as many ice cream scoops as you can. As you catch more ice cream scoops, they keep stacking and piling up, making it harder to keep the balance of your ice cream cone. Better eat your ice cream cone before your scoops fall or you'll end up loosing your chip points! Balance will be harder to maintain when all kinds of obstacles start falling as you advance in the game. Pigeons, cockatoos, frisbees, shooting stars, christmas elves and even satellites and aliens! You'll have to perfect your skills to achieve the highest score by catching as much ice cream as you can and avoiding the bizarre and nasty obstacles. Make use of chocolate syrups, almond toppings or lollipops to make a steadier ice cream cone or get more points. Meet nine cute characters and unwrap a funny story about the mysterious Legendairy flavours and a silly turtle looking for them. Visit nine colourful levels and collect the rarest ice cream flavours that each of them hide. Buy and improve by upgrading nine different ice cream cones to achieve combos, extra games, higher bonuses and advance in your game faster. There's so much to do! - Find your favourite strategy to get the highest score faster and unlock all the game's features - Explore nine fun levels with strange and funny obstacles - Collect the eight different cones and upgrade them once or twice to make them more effective - Catch and taste more than 60 different flavours and complete your Flavourpedia - Discover and maybe even taste the Legendairy flavours! - Beat your own highest score in each level and make a record - Play and have fun with the physics-based obstacles by making imposible, laws of gravity-defying ice cream cones! More Ice Cream Disaster features: - Ice Cream Disaster is a completely ad-free game - Ice Cream Disaster is gratis and has no in-app purchases - Additional downloads are not required, the whole game can be played and completed offline - You can adjust the volume of sounds and music as you like - You can set the cone button position to either left or right and play however is comfier for you! - You can get valuable tips from a turtle companion when entering the Flavourpedia - You can track the rarity and location of flavours you haven't tasted using the Flavourpedia - You can play in English, in Spanish, in French or in Catalan - You can access the social media profiles of the game from the app and get to know the latest news about Ice Cream Disaster! Did you like Ice Cream Disaster? Then make sure to give it a nice review and a good rating! Thanks! :)
Seller:Ramon Bosch
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 28, 2022
Updated:May 31, 2022
Size:132.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal