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    Focus & instantly enhance your productivity with a simple, yet so hyper-efficient task and time management app. IAmProductive is a time management, tracking and productivity tool that measures your productive, unproductive & miscellaneous task.
    In that sense IAmProductive is not only a great time management & tracker tool, but is also a self-help, diagnosis tool that will help you get rid of the unproductive times and focus on what really matters.

    This productivity & time management app will help you become more productive by tracking your day. Just tap on the activities you are doing throughout the day and see how you’ve spend your time. Reduce the unproductive times & miscellaneous tasks, and increase the productive times! It’s simple as that.

    #HOW TO USE?
    - In the tasks page you will 3 types of buttons, these buttons are: Productive, Unproductive, and Miscellaneous. You will press a button according to which task or activity you are currently doing, you can also add your own custom task. You can also edit the names of the tasks.
    - Once you do press a button then you will be prompt whether or not you want to add it. If you press no then nothing happens, if you press yes a calendar will pop up so you can add the task for the current day. Keep in mind you cannot add tasks for any other day (though you can do this on the stats page).
    - Once you press the day you will see your tasks on a page, here will be all the tasks/activities you have performed. Also notice there is an Add button, here you can manually add tasks for whatever day. This is used in case you forgot to add something or made a mistake.

    Sometimes, in order to enhance productivity, you just need to compare your most productive days with the ones that you weren’t productive at all. To do so press the Stats button of each day and get detailed analysis about each day. Also, next to the Add button to get a bar chart or a pie chart version of your progress.

    ☑️ great time management & time tracker tool
    ☑️ track productive, unproductive & miscellaneous tasks and activities
    ☑️ in this daily time management app you can see time tracking stats for each day
    ☑️ view daily, weekly and monthly stats
    ☑️ very easy to use and intuitive
    ☑️ great tool for personal improvement
    ☑️ free task and time management app
    At the end of the day, this is one of the best methods to improve productivity.
    Get a great free time tracking & management tool!
    Download IAmProductive now!



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