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    Apr 18, 2016
    Scoring video games and film has been a hobby of mine for years. Although I don't have a large impressive repertoire, I promise that I can adapt to any needs and score any type of game. So far, I have written the score for a retro space ios game, which you can check out on my SoundCloud. I am experienced with synth music, simple chiptune and even orchestral. Because it is something I love, I am willing to score your game for free. If you are hesitant, let me know. I will gladly make a sample score for your game, and if it's not what you want, I will understand. To show now, I only have the more electronic and ambient side of my composing, however, if there is a different sound you want, I am sure I can do it! Here are some of the songs I created for the score I spoke of earlier:

    Enemy attack:
    This is a more upbeat and action track for when the player is attacked (hence the name)--

    Station theme:
    This track was scored to play when the player is docked in a station and is trading/looking at galaxy map--

    Space theme:
    This is more ambient type music when the player is exploring space--

    DM if you are interested or contact me with my email, [email protected]

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